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Dio Boucsieguez

State Representative


I am running to be the voice for common-sense millennials in Olympia. There are politicians who have been in office for years that have done nothing but endlessly raise taxes and support reckless policies that harm our communities. As a young Latino, I know the importance of having a government that cultivates a growing economy.

Frank Deisler

State Representative

Frank Deisler State Representative Washington 32nd district

As a state representative, I will work to reverse the failed socialist, progressive, Seattle policies that have devastated our State. Taxpayers are financially stretched to their limits. I will oppose any measures to increase taxes on individuals or small business. My goals are lower taxes, lower car tabs, balance the budget, and to put an end to the homeless industrial complex.

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WE are the Republican Party in the 32nd Legislative District of Washington State.
Our mission is to build a matrix of conservatives across every neighborhood of our district, who believe in fiscal responsibility, accountability, smaller government, individual liberty, free enterprise, and the promotion of God and country.
WE THE PEOPLE are our elected officials and our candidates. WE are the grassroots activists who knock on doors from Lynnwood to Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds to Shoreline and Seattle.
As a Legislative District spanning both King and Snohomish Counties, we work together with our county GOP parties to champion local causes. We educate ourselves and our friends and neighbors about what our state legislatures, city governments, and various government districts are planning, and we challenge our officials to spend our money wisely while not limiting our freedom.
Together, we find and support like-minded neighbors to fill elected offices on city councils, school, and other district boards, as well as our state and federal offices.
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